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So they promised you the moon??

by Penny Paper on 10/05/13

One of the growing problems with Online Courses is that they all start out promising students that their lives can improve with a better education.  That might be true--but how online courses actually improve your life is really a good question!

In the beginning, we start with the idea that you do the SAME amount of work and/or studying through the online coursework as you would have done if you went to class in-person.  That was once the old story.  In fact, most schools are still selling that one.

But NOW, the classes have even MORE material covered in shorter periods of time.  These Accelerated Classes are a huge trap, as you may have learned by now.  How is anyone going to manage to read all of that material, manage all of those discussions and replies, take all of those quizzes and tests, AND write final papers, case studies, midterms, and capstones at the same time?

Plus, you're supposed to hold down a full time job (or two), perhaps raise a few kids, and live your life without having a nervous breakdown.  Good luck on that!!

What is worse--you might notice that you don't get that much feedback on your rough drafts, your instructor is slow to answer email, and you're not even sure what the requirements for your assignments really are!  Sometimes they are changed or added onto at the last minute, so planning ahead gets futile too.  Very discouraging. 

It's actually pretty irresponsible of the schools to do this.  They then increase your workload to PROVE that you're really learning something--this is called an upgrade on your assessment, but suddenly you're doing MORE work than when you went to class in-person, but you're getting less help.  Strangely, you're still paying about the same amount of money for your degree! 

Is anyone critical of this system?  Does anybody care about the students?  Who helps you when your teacher disappears?  Do you appeal to some committee or dean who never actually answers your questions or concerns? 

That's the problem.  The system is breaking down, but nobody is calling them on their bluff.  Meanwhile, what are YOU going to do if you don't get that piece of paper you need to keep your job or have a shot at getting one?  You're already paying for the class--but you're stuck!  And yet, so many people walk around feeling guilty.  That's a shame.

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