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Forgive Yourself

by Penny Paper on 08/14/14

One of the things that does not surprise me is how people feel so bad about their situation with taking college classes and also having to deal with having jobs and sometimes family responsibilities.  Human beings naturally feel guilty because they can’t do it all!  And yet, nobody in the world isn’t tired after a day of work and then maybe a second job too!  On top of that, some people have children in the house who want attention, and it would be terrible to deny the kids when mom/dad has been at work all day. 

I just want you to know you are not alone.  I talk to at least 3 people every week who are going through exactly the same scenario.  They suffer in silence.  They often can’t tell their friends, they don’t dare explain their situation to instructors, and they can’t afford to drop the class either because their future is riding on academic success.

On the other hand, many working people enroll in school to get degrees so they can better themselves and NOT have to work two jobs at minimum wage.  Hope for a future is really important—it’s what keeps the human spirit going.  It keeps us alive….but it seems like no matter what choice you make, you feel guilty!  Forgive yourself.  

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