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Ethics & the educational system

by Penny Paper on 08/29/14

I find that one of the questions that people occasionally ask me is the one on ethics.  Now, if you have been reading my posts, you have probably already drawn your own conclusions.  However, the answer to the problem of ethics in education on this point is that the schools do not treat the students correctly, but they expect everyone else to follow some special code defined by THEM.  Special honor codes designed for the lowly students but do not apply to the administration, the instructors, or the board of directors! 

I hate hypocrisy—so I help people who are caught in such a net without losing any sleep over it.  I really did try to do the right things in my path towards becoming super-educated, and at the end of it I found that there really is not an untainted apple in the barrel.  If one is rotten, you will find that they all are.  So, if you seek an ethical solution, look toward the top and start breaking it down until you get to the real cause of these problems.  It’s not me.  It’s not you either. 

NOW—who is asking questions?  (Do I hear crickets??)

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