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by Penny Paper on 08/16/14

One of the things that has always disturbed me in my own process of education (and dis-education) is the fact that English instructors have generally refused to teach any other citation format except MLA. 

It seems weird that they don’t like to teach the other major formats—APA and Chicago.  Is this the same kind of stubbornness where a person will order Coke and get upset if there is only Pepsi?  Do they think MLA formatting is the only way in the universe??  Are they that narrow??  Yes. 

I think I will call this problem English-ism. 

English-ism is simply prejudiced against other writing formats.  English instructors won’t teach the non-majors the other forms because they are pissed off about people not becoming English majors.  Their classes are emptying out and they are losing their importance because they don’t think about really helping their students succeed as they go forward. Nobody likes them because they are selfish and it comes through.  People end up hating English, writing and literature.  Whose fault is that??

So, if you find that you passed Composition or English and never even heard of APA format, English-ism is to blame!  You obeyed the rules, researched and wrote the paper and did all the work, but it fails because of formatting.  That is just stupid ENGLISH-ISM at work.

Try this some time: ask an English instructor if he or she can write in APA format without looking it up. If they can't, ask them if they can at least look it up and get it right.... 

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