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Outlines/ Thesis Statements

          Outlines and Thesis Statements are the first assignments that most people are asked to produce when they start a research paper or when taking a course in English Composition. This is your instructor’s way of getting you to get started early and get some ideas down on paper. He or she also hopes that getting you committed to a topic in advance and making sure that you have a unique topic and thesis statement will prevent certain forms of plagiarism and keep you honest.  

          You might even get some feedback on the outline & thesis statement to make sure you are “on the right track.”  It’s a good theory—but most instructors do not actually have time to give you any feedback on these, or if they do, they might not do it because they are lazy. Either way, you might turn this assignment in and just get a “check” for the work. However, it does matter that the paper you turn in and the paper that you propose matches up at least a little bit. So…if you have already submitted one of these, you should forward it to me with the assignment so I can see where you were originally headed.

          If you want me to create one of these for you with your project, you should let me know if there is a separate deadline for it. Usually, you have to turn it in before you submit the final project.  

          Sometimes, an instructor will also ask for an Annotated Bibliography to go with this.  No worries!  If you want to see an Annotated Bibliography from my Writing Samples, click here.