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          Many people confuse editing with proof-reading, and it is really not the same thing at all. Hardly anyone needs to do very much proof-reading anymore because of spell-check and grammar check. Occasionally, there are minor errors such as the confusion between therethey’re, and their but most people really do know the difference, and if you don’t, it still won’t cost you so many points that it is worth it to pay me to proof-read for such minor details.  

          Editing is a different story! This means you have substantial changes that need to be made in your work. Editing is writing, re-writing, and re-arranging material that is OK but either does not pass or is simply a terrible mess. It’s a lot of work, and even though it is a different skill-set than writing from scratch, it takes a lot of time & energy. 

          Why would you ask me to edit materials instead of create new stuff from scratch? It might be that you have already submitted a draft for approval and need to stick with the same style, form, issues, citations, and select word-choices that are now the “fingerprints” of your project. If you started from scratch and turned in a completely different project than what you began with, it might not have the kind of outcome that you are looking for.  

          This is why editing is important and useful; it is also why editing is not less expensive as a service than writing. If you have something that needs to be edited (and not just proofed), then you should submit the material for my review so that I can see it before I make you an offer on the project. Some editing is minor—but most of it is much more than the writer thinks.  

          I realize that you are always looking for the best deal, but it’s important to have a few people look at these projects to get a realistic idea about what is needed. One of the advantages of sending your materials for me to look at is that I am always booked, and since I am not a “hungry writer” or a big company, I am not overly motivated to get your project. I would much rather earn your trust!  

          Sometimes students think they need their materials edited because they are very worried about their grade or anxious to make sure the paper is perfect, and it turns out that I decline the project because it doesn’t need editing at all. So, just send it along and see what happens—you can’t lose by getting a fresh opinion.