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College Composition:  

          This is the class that causes undergraduates the most headaches. They are often full of assignments meant to teach students “the basics” of writing research papers and other academic assignments. Unfortunately, most of these classes are too jam-packed with students for the instructors to have enough time for each person. Papers are assigned fast, but they are graded slowly. By the time you get one paper back, you already have to turn in the next one! If you are not already good at writing when you get to college, this class might help—but it might also ruin your GPA or cause you to fall behind in your other classes. I can help.  

          Most of the time these assignments are in MLA format (even though most students will need to use APA format for their college careers), and the teachers are asking for papers that “build up” to some final project at the end. I can help you with the smaller papers and keep you from falling behind. I might also just draft the final project so you can use it to do the smaller papers that go along. No matter how you want to go about it, there are a lot of ways for me to help you do great in this class. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money, either. Good thinking and wise choices can make this class very easy.  

Research Papers:  

           Just about every class you take in college requires a research paper. These are usually required to be in APA or Chicago formats. Some humanities classes like English Literature will still look for the MLA style. Certain specialty courses look for other formats, but I can handle those too. The average research paper goes between 8-10 pages. Some a shorter, but the recent trend is to make them a bit longer to increase the “challenge” of the course or to prevent students from downloading them from the internet. The best way to get around this, of course is to have a real writer who you can talk to about your specific needs. The more unique, original, and personalized your paper is, the better it turns out. Look at the papers posted on the “Sample Papers” page for examples of the work you can expect from me.