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Case Studies: 

          Case Studies are a special kind of paper (usually in APA format) that ask a student to read a certain set of circumstances (a case) and then apply what they have been learning through class discussions, lectures, and textbook readings to the scenario presented in the case. Most people who study nursing, criminal justice, IT, or business must do case studies. Some of these projects are very simple in format and only require that a certain set of questions should be answered. Others are more complex, and the instructor will ask students to analyze and formulate solutions on their own. These projects require outside research, analysis, and the ability to “dig” into the details of the project. Only writers with experience and a broad knowledge within these disciplines can do case studies well.  To see an example, click here.  

          If you have a case study, it is important to select the right writer or service and make sure the person who is going to help you knows the area and can understand the full requirements of the subject. If you have a case study, it is also very useful to send the grading rubric and all of the materials in one email if possible. This will assure a better outcome for your project, and I am always seeking to achieve the best possible results for my clients.