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Annotated Bibliography 

          An Annotated Bibliography (A.B.) is a special kind of bibliography and should NOT be confused with a Reference Page (for APA) or a Works Cited Page (for MLA). Most essays and normal research papers do not require these monsters, but they are a necessary evil since many instructors demand them as part of the “writing process.” From the instructor’s point of view, this part of the project will help you feel inspired to gather materials and read them in order to decide whether you will use certain scholarly articles or not.  

          The idea is that once you read the articles and write a little bit about them that you will be better able to write the paper. Sometimes that is true and it works out great. However, sometimes students run short on time and cramming this extra requirement into their busy schedules is the last straw.

          No matter what the format requirements are, I do these quickly and well. Sometimes there are special questions to be answered for each scholarly article that is listed in the A.B., but if not, the MLA and the APA have already created their own standards and requirements for these papers. If the instructor does not give an example or special requirements, I usually follow these standards. Most citations for an A.B. are about 150-200 words and are about ½ page double-spaced.