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          These formats are the source of anxiety and frustration for many students who might otherwise not worry so much about writing their own papers. It’s the little things that drive them crazy! Does a comma or a period go there? Does it matter if the date is after the author’s name, or does it have to be included with the name of the publisher??? Gah!  

          If you really MUST know the finer points of these formats (like I do), then you should consult for all of the gruesome details. Why does this format go this way and another format go that way? Committees! One very exclusive group of people have a meeting and they decide it should all go a certain way, and then they publish their requirements. They are also cruel enough to change or “update” it every few years just to make sure there is enough confusion to drive people crazy before their next meeting.  

          Suffice to say, English professors always use MLA format and rarely teach APA format or Chicago in composition class even though most of their students really need to know APA to succeed in their own majors. Only English majors need MLA for the long-term. Go figure!  

          If you want to see examples of these formats in a few sample papers, please click here.  Not only will you see how it’s done right, you will also see the difference between the writing samples and the work that I do and the writing samples displayed on other websites (which are woefully wrong!). If you are going to have someone create good materials, isn’t it a good idea to make sure that their own writing samples, which they have plenty of time to edit, are done correctly?